Giorgio Majno © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Giorgio Majno © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

When I started working for the FAI in 2013, the first historical and artistic good that I visited was Villa Panza in Varese. I admit that, despite having some feeling for art and architecture through the education that my parents gave me, I was afraid of not being up to appreciate the contemporary art collection that is the soul of this Villa. But how wrong I was! I was so enchanted, I felt I was taken to another dimension made of fantasy, lights, colours, style and perfection, so much so that at the end of the visit I could not even formulate my trivial questions to the Director on the progress of visitors. Who knows what he may have thought of that “babbling German lady”?

Foto di, 2013 © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Foto di, 2013 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Villa Panza is not just a building but a lot more, it is the dream of a great man, Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, that got “materialized”. Giuseppe Panza was one of the major collectors of contemporary art in the second half of the ‘900 and created a collection to be considered among the most important examples of the art of the twentieth century history. The Panza collection is now housed the most important museums in the world, but its precious core remained in Varese in the beautiful property that the Panza family donated to the FAI in 1996. We are talking about high-sounding names such as Dan Flavin – to his installations by light art they have dedicated an entire hall – James Turrell, Robert Irwin and many others.

The FAI is working in recent years through major projects and spectacular temporary exhibitions to continue the path taken by Giuseppe Panza and at the same time the art collection is being enriched with new acquisitions – especially unique and amazing works!

What has this to do with the meetings industry, you may ask? It has a lot to do, indeed! Because you should know the history of a place to fully understand its value and its potential as a location for events.

Foto di, 2015© FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Foto di, 2015© FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

For those who want to surprise their customers with a unique and refined location, Villa Panza is the right choice. Every corner of the villa and of its large park is a masterpiece, a continuous inspiration.

The eighteenth-century environments, as well as the furniture of the nineteenth century, are the perfect background to the contemporary works of art on display, creating that very elegant and stylish environment that prevails in our FAI world.

All internal environments for the reception of the guests can be used and equipped for private events, from the Empire salon for larger parties or conventions to smaller and intimate rooms for business meetings and exclusive dinners.

The works of land art hosted in the park blend with the landscape architecture of the Italian garden which offers plenty of space for large receptions and parties.

While under the enchanting “carpinata” – a true natural hornbeam tunnel – you can set up dinners and banquets denoted by fairy-tale taste.

Foto di, 2013 © FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano
Foto di, 2013 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Needless to say, such a show doubles as a perfect stage for photo and film shoots – of course in full compliance with the copyrights of the exposed works.

The villa, its works and the park also invite to experiential, tailor made activities dedicated to business groups. You can organize exclusive guided tours as well as individual visits to the temporary exhibitions and to the permanent collection – also at night and behind closed doors. Have you ever entered a space made only of light and colour, where you completely lose the perception of the size? At Villa Panza this is possible, too, thanks to the work “Ganzfeld” by James Turrell, open to the public or even exclusively.

Among restoration projects, environment ones and plans for accessibility, a whole world for CSR partnerships opens.

The restaurant “Luce” located within the Villa offers an impeccable catering service of great professionalism. The Villa has a comfortable and spacious parking.

Finally I invite everyone to visit the spectacular exhibition “Robert Wilson for Villa Panza. Tales “- inaugurated on November 4th and lasting until October 15th, 2017. The exhibition can be visited every day during the opening hours or on demand with exclusive visit.

Info e contacts:
Villa e Collezione Panza, Piazza Litta 1, Varese – Phone: +39 0332 283960 – email:


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