In the first part of this article, we started analysing the relationship between Core PCOs and DMCs. Here, instead, we’ll focus on the mutual expectations of the two parts.


What a CORE PCO expects from a DMC

• A strong relationship with local institutions

• A strong link with municipality, public transportation company, tourist board, etc. It’s a key factor for an international congress in terms of security, discounts, promotion and fundings where possible

• A “side-kick” for local site inspections
A PCO expects to have full support during the site inspections, particularly in regard to local viability, social venues, hotel site inspections, menu tastings, and so on. The aim is to allow the client/PCO to experience the essence of the destination.

• An offer for a complimentary site inspections or an effort in limiting the costs as much as possible
The amount of services requested to the DMC will of course have an influence, however it is much appreciated to have some complimentary services (i.e. transportation). For the local suppliers, the site inspection is a way to make themselves known by the PCO and it can be considered a sort of investment for future collaborations.

• A vision of past congresses as input for the next ones
Recurring congresses always helps promoting the next destination, therefore the support and presence of the DMC is crucial to sponsor the hosting city with maps, touristic material and information.

• A clear understanding of its role
The DMC should act as partner to the PCO, as that latter – not the client – will be its main contact. The reasons are mainly two: on one hand, this thing exhibits a fair code of conduct and on the other hand, it allows the PCO to have a complete overview of the services and budget. Keep in mind that a core PCO knows the client’s standards and desiderata, and last but not least, the client usually prefers to have one main contact.

• A cost transparency in submitting the offers
This is a crucial point. Budget issues are the main concern of both client and PCO, therefore being transparent is at the basis of the relationship.

• Observance of the economic agreement set by the PCO
Once the DMC is appointed and the financial agreement has been set, it is important that the DMC sticks to it.

• To facilitate the congress promotion on a national level
Whenever is possible, and if the DMC is familiar with the same technical or scientific area of the congress on a national level, sharing this expertise with the PCO and the networks is a great value.

• A strong negotiating power with local suppliers
This is the basis of the relationship between a PCO and a DMC, not only because it may be budget-wise, but also because it may solve any problem or issue that may arise in the facilitation of the event.

• A clear understanding of the PCO needs
The DMC should always try to accomplish all that the PCO needs by understanding exactly the requests and the goals.

• A constant update from the DMC regarding executed services (i.e. hotel rooms reserved, tours confirmed, etc.)
When there are constant updates about these processes, it means that the DMC has a perfect control on the executed services and helps the PCO to adjust the budget and inform the clients on the progress of the congress.


What a DMC expects from a CORE PCO

• To receive data from previous congresses
Knowing previous congress features in advance allows the DMC to scrupulously plan all the activities like, for example, the selection of suppliers for the appropriate services. A PCO should always share this data with the DMC!

• To attend the meetings between the Core PCO with the final client
This will help the DMC to better understand the client’s needs, and consequently, support the PCO.

• To be aware of the budget forecasted for the DMC services
It is a waste of time either for the DMC, or for the PCO not to receive clear budget instructions.

• To be considered a partner and not only a supplier
Working in a trustful environment is a win-win situation for both the DMC and the PCO as the final client will benefit and will receive better service.

• To be promptly updated about the congress trends
The DMC should always be updated on congress trends to better perform the duties requested, especially about registrations, sponsors confirmed, etc.


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