There is neither b2b nor b2c but just h2h, human to human – this is the mantra we now hear always and everywhere. Human contact has to go back to being more privileged than the web one, i.e. the bet on the fear of loneliness, as Bauman called it, made and won by Mark Zuckerberg.

And yet while Alitalia sees as its only way out a liquidation that will bring on thousands of redundancies, Facebook is about to hire 3,000 new people to monitor live video and remove violent content.

All declare to be about human contact, but the wake of money is definitely pointing elsewhere: Microsoft last June purchased LinkedIn for 26.2 billion, Google continues to woo Twitter, whose advertising will be from today sold by Sky Italia with probable future arrangements for streaming too.

Streaming becomes a terrific promotion channel with Netflix, used by Beppe Grillo to launch his “Grillo Vs Grillo” performance, recorded at the Genoese Teatro Politeama, and terrific commercial for Movimento 5 Stelle too, in view of the upcoming elections.

Netflix was also targeted by “kidnappers 2.0” who illegally seized some episodes of the new “Orange Is The New Black” series and called for a millionaire ransom not to spread them online – call immediately bounced back to the sender, who promptly put the hackered stuff on the Internet.

A bit more human, though closely linked to the Net, is the work generated by the major food delivery portals. In Milan, even under the universal flood, so many boys with bikes and scooters, all over the place with business uniform, deliver food in every corner of the city.

They are the stars of the so-called gig economy, which theoretically speaking allows more flexibility in job relationship, giving the “two-wheeled” collaborators the opportunity to make themselves available on the days and times that are more congenial to them.

But actually the blocking of the calendar as well as the inability to guarantee to each one ten hours of weekly working time, as requested, don’t let the system run at its best, so much so that strikes are always around.

Another portal that pushes in this direction is Joebee, the first e-commerce for job, everywhere advertised in both stadiums and video-walls, allowing professionals from different branches – programmers as well as private drivers, photographers, interpreters, chefs, graphic designers – to offer their services, directly payable online.

This is the world of work 2.0, where trade unions, at least for the moment, no longer matter, but where neither the blazoned human to human seems to be worth much.


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