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Whenever I approach this villa, the image of a strong and beautiful, majestic and ageless lady looking from her hill at the landscape that surrounds it and belongs to it, revives in me. It maybe just my imagination, but for me Villa dei Vescovi emanates something very warm and feminine. It must be due to its Renaissance colours, its timeless elegance, its architecture in harmony with the landscape’s topography, the vineyards and orchards generating fruits just down by it, the views of the hills and the big park that seem to be appointed to physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Foto Fabio Santagiuliana 2013 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

The whole looks definitely evolved for the sixteenth century standards, when the bishop of Padua commissioned the best architects of the time to build him a summer home in the cool of the green Euganean Hills. The architecture followed the idea of ​​the humanist culture of that century by combining artistic refinement and nature.

I invite you to sit in the frescoed loggias and enjoy the greenery around. I am sure you share my unconditional admiration for this so successful architectural “experiment”.

The FAI has received the villa as a donation in 2005 after a tortuous history of property transfers and changes of use from Olcese family, the last owners. In 2011 the FAI was able to open the villa, restored, beautiful as never and most of all enjoyable for anyone who feels the need to regenerate among art and nature, to feel inspired and to lounge in style.

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Many areas allow to get together, to celebrate, to dine in style as well as to experience both the villa, the vineyards and the orchard in full exclusiveness.

The conference room, equipped with audio and video service, and the central hall of the first floor can accommodate up to 110 people.

Terraces, arcades and loggias are extremely versatile and suitable for cocktails, intimate dinners and large gala events. The lodges are perfect for tasting the wines of the Euganean Hills as well as the local specialties, or even for organizing tea ceremonies.

The elegant interior spaces and the court are ideal for concerts, book presentations and other cultural events.

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Limitless are the chances to take advantage of the green spaces: more than 100 rows of vines, an orchard with majestic fruit trees and an enchanted lake invite to the most fascinating “green” events, supported by a moving marquee. Here people come together for unforgettable parties, organize corporate team building activities, meet up for elegant picnics – of course all eco-sustainable and fully respecting nature.

Many people, especially coming from abroad, like a romantic wedding ceremony in the vineyard or under the porticos of the villa. Through a partnership with the town of Torreglia you can organize ceremonies right here, in the green.

Fabio Santagiuliana 2013 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

For those who want to feel truly master of the house, by taking breakfast on the terrace alone or walking through the villa and the park in total exclusivity, the two apartments of the guest quarters stay at disposal: two elegantly furnished and fully self-contained attic rooms with kitchen and bathrooms can accommodate couples and family groups of up to eight people.

The Villa opens its doors after a well-deserved winter break precisely early March. Visit us! Every first Sunday of the month we provide themed activities for families: activities for children, adult visits, special routes for everyone, animated readings, picnic baskets provided by the café (previous booking) and much more…

Foto Fabio Santagiuliana 2013 © FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano

Here’s the program of the days:

Sunday, April 2: The villa and the ancient Romans.
Sunday, May 7: The countryside and the young explorers.
Sunday, June 4: The history of writing.
Sunday, July 2: The perfumes of the Renaissance.

For information:

Villa dei Vescovi
Via dei Vescovi, 4 – Luvigliano di Torreglia (Padua)
Tel. +39 049 9930473 – Fax +39 049 9933395
E-mail: faivescovi@fondoambiente.it




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