Have you ever found yourself in a town so stunning that you look around in awe and amazement asking yourself “what’s the name of this place?” worried that you might forget such an important detail when wanting to tell your friends about the experience?

It would start with something like, a town that seems part of the mountain, built in stone with arches and a large obelisk surrounded by a fountain, creating a visual landscape of rock and marble each entwined with the other.

The colourful square, filled with bars and restaurants offering passerbys, in the summer months, the opportunity to sit and relax, Italian style, to breath in the fresh mountain air, savour a cold drink or dine on a typical Abruzzese dish. A square with history and colours that are unforgettable and easily recognizable in the Italian movie. A place that offers a suggestive setting for various markets of flowers, food, hand-made products, and art. It’s no surprise that tourists are attracted to the area every year.  It’s considered to be one of the prettiest squares in the country, and is on the list of the Prettiest Villages in Italy.

Its name, Tagliacozzo, derives from the two Latin terms Talus and Cotium which mean cut in stone. It is a historical village that “cuts” Mount Civita in two and is surrounded by historical monuments of various colours that further enhance the sense of being welcomed and invited into an area cut off from the rest of the world. Actually the only vehicles you’ll find entering this area are those owned by residents that still live in the historical houses accessible only through tight alleys covered in sanpietrini.

 Monia Murzilli, a Canadian WP of Mo Wedding & Events,
offers you the possibility to discover Abruzzo and towns like Tagliacozzo, falling in love with them just as she did.




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