I’ve met up with Alma Canni, holistic counsellor and creator of the project called “Taccopunta”.

Premarital anxiety, which this article is about, is a state of mind that can lead to physical discomfort, disarming the deportment. The perception of the beauty you see in yourself determines your state of mind.

The more your state is serene and happy, the more you radiate light and beauty. The more your state is anxious and insecure, the more you cloud.

Premarital anxiety brings on physical, mental and emotional involvements impacting on your deportment. The most common physical discomfort is belly swelling. The belly fills with “air” much more easily. The air you find in it is given by illusory thoughts that you aren’t letting go, did you know that?

These are thoughts that generate “swirling air” concerns, that same kind of air you keep in your belly. Actually, the energy of anxiety often lies between the second and third chakra, i.e. between the solar plexus and the perineum. It affects both your personal power and trust.

Your deportment also responds to these disorders and what happens is that you have little fluidity in pelvis movement, resulting in rigidity.

Anxiety mainly comes from two factors:

  • your leaky faith, which means little confidence
  • the thought you did something wrong.

The hidden reason that brings you to that emotion is often linked to the fear of failure in your marriage organization as well as to the fear of being not perfect. To replace these thoughts, you can always rely on professionals such as a wedding planner for a practical organization and a holistic counsellor to train yourself and get your emotions changed, thus bringing energy to your body in a harmonized way.

Emotions are the chemicals that circulate within your body and release the information to the cells, the ones that deal with fat distribution as well as with disposals and body harmony. To be perfect on your wedding day, you only need to learn how to be strong in your feeling, welcome it with a good breath and focus your thoughts on trust.

You can do that! You just need workout! Write to info@taccopunta.it to find out more.



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