An impressive ceremony organized by the Municipality of Arona (Piedmont, Italy) has veiled of tears the eyes of the 5,000 people who gathered in Piazza San Graziano and saw the 3D reproduction of the Arch of Palmira.
Waled and Omar Asaad, the children of archaeologist Khaled killed by ISIS on Palmira’s site in 2015, after whom the Civic Museum of Arona was named, were moved the most. They both attended for the first time the unveiling ceremony.

The sculpture, made by IDA, the Oxford-based Institute for Digital Archaeology, with the support of Torart (a Carrara company), is touring over the world as a global symbol of the triumph of cooperation, optimism and man’s genius on any destruction, and will stay in Arona until July 30.
«Today’s participants as well as those who come to Arona over the next three months to cross the Arch will symbolically leave behind all negativities», said the Mayor of Arona Alberto Gusmeroli during his speech, «and we will look to the future always willing to meet new challenges and new goals, including peace for peoples».
After being received by the Philharmonic of Arona, the audience attended the exciting performance of Matilde Mirotti who sang Damascus, a song she herself wrote in honour of the Syrian city.
Tenor Giorgio Casciarri deserved a scolding applause for his Nessun Dorma played under the arch; in duet with soprano Sara Cervasio, directed by Maestro Paolo Beretta, he gave the attendees other unforgettable moments.
A light and music show created by stage designer Sebastiano Romano concluded the evening. He took free inspiration from both the architecture and the history of the Arch of Palmira to perform projections on the facades of the surrounding palaces: images of a desert, of palm trees and visions of the famous archaeological site of Palmira, whilst the Arco turns to be an energy creator. The light show will run every night until July 30.




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