Whoever visits Naples simply has to pass in front of Castel dell’Ovo, an amazing facility lying on the island of Megaride, on the pedestrian promenade of the city. This one-of-a-kind venue hosts every month of May “Vitigno Italia“, a beautiful event dedicated to wine (this year at its thirteenth edition), thus realizing one of the best made-in-Italy combos: wine and monuments.

Whoever comes either to exhibit or to attend the fair is overwhelmed by the beauty of the Castle as well as by its location. Attending this event is a pleasure for all five senses – one gets fascinated by the archaeological beauty and magmatic roughness of the tuff, by the sea and the screeching of the seagulls, by the scent of the cheeses and of course by the taste of the wines, starring in this show. Workers are struggling not to lose their concentration, aware of the uniqueness of the place, and the 16,000 visitors have most appreciated the product, enhanced by such an impacting look.

Three days go by among numerous tastings, verticals, matches, meetings and conferences. It’s a business moving millions of bottles and people every year, with 26 buyers coming from 17 different countries.

The 220 exhibitors are located throughout the Castle, with the regional wine cellar on the panoramic terrace. The event was primarily designed for trade (more than 15% on last year’s numbers), but the tourist side is big too. Tourists gather over there, fascinated by the natural welcome of the Castle, and pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to taste Italian excellence.

Organizing a fair in such an evocative setting, apart from the considerable logistical problems, is actually a privilege, as participating adds value to the event. The correct and respectful use of the Italian exceptional archaeological and historical heritage, obviously when the combo is plausible and non-invasive, guarantees benefits to both chains.

Philosopher Teognide said that wine unveils man’s thinking: in my opinion it would be desirable for every museum director to have the intuition of Vitigno’s organizers and replicate on each territory, albeit on a small scale, the combination of products of excellence and monuments.




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