While the idea of traveler engagement has been around for years, only a few Travel Managers have adopted it.

I’m not certainly saying that we have to do something to engage our travelers just because we have to be cool and follow the latest fashion. Empowering travelers and making them realize the importance of behaving in compliance with our Corporate Travel Policy really lead to considerable saving outcomes.

Plus, if you ignore Traveler Engagement relevance – or just think that it has nothing to do with you – you don’t only risk not to attract attention on its potential benefits but also to fuel dissatisfaction and confusion and to make Travel-Policy- compliant behaviors decrease. This is connected to three different trends:

  • Millennials with a do-it-yourself attitude are beginning to dominate the workforce, influencing the behaviors of travelers in other age groups.
  • Business travelers are wanting the same level of choice for their business trips that they enjoy for leisure travel.
  • Suppliers are increasingly targeting travelers directly, engaging with them to influence their buying decisions.

Then why do we have no more excuses for delaying it? And why do we have to help our travelers getting engaged and we have to do it now?

Because we can count on data analysis’ capabilities that didn’t simple exist before, on well-spread communication and marketing skills and on technologies that finally suits our needs. Even more, we also can access the type of expertise we need in a simpler and more immediate way than we did before, thanks to the support of experienced consultants.

Before we start working, we have to remind ourselves that engagement is supported by five pillars that help us make it happen:

  • Intelligence. Better insights into traveler behaviour and relevant data are our basis.
  • Method. A clear set of practices for how to engage travelers, and success stories are our second step to succeed.
  • Marketing. Better use of consumer branding and communications techniques: communication strengthens mindfulness and help travelers make effective decisions.
  • People. Professional help can support you step-by-step, keeping your work personal and effective.
  • Technology. Personal support goes along with more personalized tools and channels for communicating, especially mobile apps and social communities.

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