Why do we happen to meet enthusiastic and positive people, carrying out their activities with joy and an enduring smile?

Some speak of “meraki”, an untranslatable Greek word meaning “Put your soul, your creativity and your love in what you do; involve something of you in your works”. It is also a matter of passion. There are people who’ve managed to make their job out of what they have always wanted to do.

It is easy to spot this in athletes, artists – those who have made the dream of a lifetime come true.

Satisfied can be defined those who perform the activity that reflects their talents and inclinations. Often “meraki” is inside us, it’s just about looking for it – but how?

The answer is: through a process leading us to connect with ourselves, to be aware of our aspirations, our desires, our inclinations.

A good Motivation Coach can help us take on this path, thus letting us live an authentic and conscious life.

With the support of motivational coaching we can co-create life as we really want. Practical exercises are a powerful tool to bring out skills or passions we think we have forgotten – passions or inclinations dating back to when we were kids.

We can bring back treasures that we had buried in the deepest intricacies of our soul. And as in a chest hidden in the sea, we discover precious coins and diamonds inside, representing our talents.

Questioning us on what we are really fond of can let us find out the activity which we are truly apt to, and lead us to do a job with enthusiasm, motivation and satisfaction.

Thus making us live a meraki-oriented life.





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