The Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte of Viareggio (Versilia–Tuscany), renowned venue for corporate events thanks to both the wide disposability of fully equipped conference rooms and the incomparable Versilian atmosphere, hosted from Friday 27 to Saturday, January 28 the 4th International Meeting of the Tuscan Stomatological Institute, traditionally one of the most prestigious Italian industry conferences. Of the more than 350 participants (mostly dentists or doctors specialized in dentistry, plus a share of doctors in dental hygiene), about 10% came from abroad: the twenty speakers, in particular, came from Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the United States, and were the leading world experts in the peri-implant diseases.

Central room

The title was Not only peri-implantitis: the peri-implant diseases – diagnosis, prevention, treatment, leading to a socially (not only technically) high-impacting theme. «Over the last year», considers Prof. Ugo Covani, Director of the Tuscan Stomatological Institute, «the emerging problem of peri-implantitis soon became one of the “hot topics” of implantology». The exponential increase of dental implants, which have long supplanted the old “bridges”, has raised the possibility of infectious problems (however limited to 7-8% of cases). The implant must get integrated into the patient’s mouth, exposing him to the risk of a number of diseases that must first of all be prevented and then, when occurring, promptly diagnosed and treated. «With the term “peri-implantitis” one defines different pathologies, both from a preventive and a diagnostic-therapeutic point of view. The choice of title is meant to emphasize the plurality of events that may affect the interface between the implant and the hard and soft tissues», so that dentists and dental hygienists take away a rational classification of the various diseases, from diagnosis to the therapeutic choices.

Exhibition area 2Very important turned to be the introductory lecture of Roberto Weinstein, who spoke on the concept of “disease”, which is expressed in three different ways: disease (the disease itself), illness (the bearer’s perception) and sickness (the society’s perception).

It is the fourth edition out of four held at the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, which for the second year in a row has been involved not only for housing but also as a conference venue. The central room, located on the ground floor and part of the Regina Restaurant, fitted with 280 seats theatre style and connected to the Turandot room with other 30 seats, has fully paid both to plenary sessions and to the “Night of the awards”, while also allowing the setting up of an exhibition area inside the conservatory as well as the connected lounge areas. 21 sponsors supported the meeting, all relating to the electromedical and oral care fields.

To the gala dinner was instead reserved the Butterfly room, in belle époque style, in front of spectacular Apuan Alps and Viareggio’s promenade.

The secretariat was entrusted as usual the Turin-based Tueor Servizi agency, specializing in educational content for health professionals, optioning the property in its entirety and directly dealing with the needs of each participant. Technical services, screens, video projectors, shooting and simultaneous translation, video connections in all the congress rooms, as well as the electrical fittings for the sponsors have also been made by the agency under a project realized in concert with an audiovisual service.

The Grand Hotel has provided its outstanding hospitality, as usual impeccable in every detail, as well its restorative high-level services.



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