We met in Rome chef David Sgueglia della Marra, who after 21 years of career in the communication field decided to follow his passion and gave way to a new project called A cooking day in Rome. On his loft with amazing views of Rome’s rooftops, he welcomes all his guests for an evening of fun and food.

He created The Italian Eatertainment brand – a new word describing the concept of sharing with his guests the passion for cooking and the desire for fun.

Our brides will love the Italian style Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party that we could organize in this magical place. We could walk around Rome with David, pick up the typical roman products, taste a good coffee near the Pantheon or biting a focaccia in the Jewish ghetto, and end up preparing and tasting the Italian dish par excellence: pasta!!

This is the first word that foreigners remember of our country, alongside the “cappuccino”. So Let’s get married in Italy and A cooking day in Rome. Watch this video made by a Canadian blogger and you will realize that Rome’s charms also pass through its cooking and good food!



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