Milan’s Salone del Mobile is now over but amongst other exciting innovations and creations it let us discover the new frontier of luxury: sleeping in gold. On Archivio’s stand we have seen, in world premiere, the first-ever set of gold sheets ever made in 24K gold.

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and royalty. It stimulates wisdom and desire for knowledge, it has a protective effect, it brings vital energy, increasing self-esteem, willpower, courage, as well as boosting positivity. Today, after more than four thousand years, it is finally possible to sleep wrapped in gold sheets and enjoy the benefits of this valuable metal.

The set, designed and marketed by 24 Carat Gold Sheets, was made by Piana Clerico 1582 and exclusively designed by Federico Buccellati.

The sheets, woven with the famous gold thread of Piana Clerico 1582, containing 40% pure 24K gold and precious silk thread, are available for king size beds. The set, made up of a sheet, a duvet cover and four pillow cases, will be produced in limited edition.

Only one hundred people in the world will now have the opportunity to sleep in gold. The garment will be delivered with a certificate of guarantee, a gold thread and instructions on how to wash and store the sheets to preserve their lustre and energy properties.

24 Carat Gold Sheets, the company that created the gold sheets, reached an agreement with Skp Group, specialising in security.

Skp Group, which in recent years has developed a department exclusively dedicated to luxury hotels, is thus creating a tailor-made service for 24 Carat Gold Sheets that provides the training of a team of highly qualified professionals who will handle the safety of such an exclusive product as the golden sheets.

The service will be offered to all the luxury hotels in the world that will give their guests the chance to sleep wrapped in the worthy sheets.

«Over the last three years we have structured an organization that can intercept and deliver 360-degree solutions in this particular context», commented Federico Tomasi, one of the administrators. «Starting from a careful analysis of customer needs, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions and we have introduced a number of complementary services such as training, NCC (at the moment only in Milan), investigative activities as well as escorting and tutoring by highly qualified personnel, either with or without guns. Today, we are proud to include in our wide range of services another unique and original service such as the one commissioned by 24 Carat Gold Sheets: defending and protecting precious golden sheets and guests enjoying this privilege».




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