After much talk about marketing, strategies and resource management, here I am to face tiredness.

There are times when even if you are aware of the need for a change, the momentum is difficult to find. On the other hand we know that when we feel tired and unmotivated our brain becomes our worst ally… and it does nothing but give us endless excuses to prevent us from doing something.

This takes place both in private life and on duty – either we procrastinate activities we detest or we simply feel so overwhelmed by distress that we would just do nothing.

If you’re experiencing a setback in the achievement of all the goals you had at the beginning of the year, don’t panic – it’s normal. Take a break and enjoy these TED Talks.

1 – Distress can become a friend

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains how and why you can see distress as something positive. Its damaging effects on health are not inevitable. The way you think and act may instead transform your experience, and if you choose to live it in a useful way you start off with the biology of courage.

2 – Living beyond limits

If life were a book and you were its author, how would you like your story to develop? Amy Purdy points out that our limitations and hurdles can only do two things: either stop our path or force us to become creative.

3 – The power of time off

Holiday or sabbatical as it is, Stefan Sagmeister explains which energies get involved and why it proves in the long run to be a profitable choice for business too.

4 – In praise of slowness

Everyone wants to slow down, but very quickly! Carl Honoré – in a video which is a bit dated, but always valid – gives us a brilliant analysis and some strategy. The key question is: can you actually slow down? What does exactly slow down mean?

5 – Before I die I want to…

Artist Candy Chang in his New Orleans neighbourhood transformed an old abandoned building in a huge blackboard on which he wrote: “Before I die I want to…”. And he asked neighbours, passersby and locals to complete it. The answers reveal a lot. How would you complete the sentence?

6 – Why some of us don’t have one true calling

What do you want to be? Does this question always put you in crisis? Writer and artist Emilie Wapnick speaks of so-called “multipotential“. Does it make sense to you?

7 – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

At last, a stage in the mind of Tim Urban, a master procrastinator, so much irony and some ideas to think about. And you? What are you procrastinating?

Ilenia La Leggia



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