Lately, I`ve been receiving many requests by foreign brides, who ask of the possibility to rent their wedding dress upon arrival to Italy. Perhaps because since they’re coming from the other side of the world, it is less complicated not having to transport the dress, or maybe because they simply crave to have an italian style dress but are afraid to buy it at a distance or on-line, and end up turning to Ateliers which can offer this service.

Why should we consider a dress only on a purchase basis? If a dress is elegant and well manufactured, or simply comfortable, why not save some money by choosing a dress from previous collections that Ateliers can make available by offering the rental formula?The great news is that you can decide to change your mind and maybe choose to rent a different dress even last minute (always subject to availability). On opening our wardrobe, all of us think of the amount of  space occupied by our dress and get hit by the thought of all that money spent for a dress which is worn only for one day.In this critical time for our economy I think that renting a wedding dress, could become a new kind of business for suppliers and a great way to save money for the newlyweds.Who says that a rented dress is less glamorous or less trendy?  Perhaps you could customize it with accessories and hairstyles. Many times I hear brides say I want a unique custom made dress, worn only by me. But I then think of models, who wear clothes that are not their own, and they do it with such elegance, as well as of showgirls and actresses who look so glamorous with clothes which were borrowed from great designers and still look very fashionable. Remember that the soul of a dress is made by the woman wearing it.

Pics by Brunella Iorio Creative Studio
Hair stylist: MàMà Salone di Bellezza (Nicoletta Pisarro & Fabiano Hair Stylist)



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